vicky vlachonis: lighting up stars

The Osteopath and holistic therapist stays true to her Greek roots, dynamically advocating holistic practices ancient and new and changing lives via her book, talks & 1-on-1 sessions.

“Everybody has pain. We’ve all felt pain in our heart, stomach, shoulder, head” says Vicky Vlachonis, author of the book ‘The Body Doesn’t Lie’ and osteopath to the sparkliest stars in the Hollywood sky. “Pain is the most powerful tool we have, if only we listen to the signals our body gives us. That’s why I wrote the book and have offered a three-step, pain-free program based on Reflect, Release and Radiate.”

Vlachonis was one of only two first Greeks (The other is Vangelis Scotiniotis, who heads the Greek Osteopathic Association) to get a Masters Degree from the European School of Osteopathy in the ’90s and, working at London at the Hale clinic and the Integrated Medical Center, treating dancers from the Royal Ballet, Prince William and Prince Harry when they were grieving the loss of their mother, setting up her own practice in 2001 and later being flown to film sets, homes and music tours to treat some of the world’s biggest celebrities, such as Cameron Diaz, Sir Elton John, and Katy Perry.


Through her successful book, website and the motivational talks she gives for Young Living essential oils, for which she is a brand ambassador, she effectively raises awareness of holistic concepts such as, among other things, how emotional and physical pain are registered by the body in exactly the same way, and that one’s emotional / mental state should never be overlooked when facing physical pain, because feelings are stored in our cells as physical matter.

Another major focus for her is to delineate how our diet plays a direct and commanding role on our physical, mental and emotional state. As an osteopath and muscoskleletal specialist who also uses complimentary therapies such as acupressure, acupuncture and cupping, she always questions her clients on their emotional balance, present and past traumas and daily habits that are so often overlooked as key factors for disequilibrium and disease.

Described as “a blonde, modern-day version of Hera” by her most beloved and loyal client, Gwyneth Paltrow (who wrote the foreword to her book, and also calls her “the pain gangster” and “clicky Vicky”), Vlachonis has made it her mission to introduce age-old holistic concepts combined with up to date medical facts and scientific research related to the importance of diet, body care and mindfulness. She also works closely with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

vvbcIn ‘The Body Doesn’t Lie’ she describes at length the positive and powerful influence that her family had on who she is today, saying that they offered her all the inspiration, drive and focus she needed – her tennis coach father, and a mother who was among the very few yoga teachers and Reiki therapists in Athens at the time, taught her sports discipline and mindfulness / holistic wellness techniques respectively throughout her childhood, while every summer she travelled to her grandmother’s home in Pelion, which only served to deepen her love for Greece. “It was there that my mum and I practiced mindfulness, meditation, learning to respect and care for my body. My grandmother, who was a cook, had her own vegetable and fruit garden, even though she also liked baking sweets. Every morning we’d wake up and discuss our dreams. Then there was the sea and enjoying the therapeutic effects of the water, long walks in beautiful nature, fresh air.”
“My clients love that I come from Greece,” says Vlachonis. And in turn, what I love about my American clients is that they honor their bodies, are disciplined, they eat healthy, they meditate, they exercise. Greeks have it in their DNA to wake up near the sea, to see lemon and olive trees and walk by medicinal, fragrant herbs right outside our doorstep. We have that immediate connection with glorious, curative nature, and should honour it!”

A poem by Vicky’s mother, Jenny Vlachonis, who as a Reiki therapist and Yoga teacher, raised Vicky very much according to holistic philosophies, and who has always been deeply inspired by her country, Greece:


This is Greece!

A glance at her sky,

the blue is different here!!
Her sea embraces you
from end to end!!
Her mountains are fragrant
with thyme and oregano.
Her island gardens filled with basil!!
Greece is a little chapel, all white.
A blinding light,
and the chink of glasses.
A cluster of grapes and an olive tree.
Kneeling before the Acropolis and Delphi,
And gazing at Sounion.
The cry of a seagull
for Greece, a country in pain!!
Greece is to dream of talking
with Aristotle!! Socrates!!
Plato!! Pythagoras!!
Alexander the Great!!
To write poetry with Homer.
Greece is the silence of Santorini.
Greece is the kiss of a Greek mother.


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