katia boustani’s healing breathwork

Rebirthing Therapist Katia Boustani has been empowering individuals and helping them change their lives through her work as a Life Mastery Coach and Breathing Coach in personal and group sessions. Having spent over a decade studying various forms of Breathwork, she has a list of certifications and credentials in this field, and has worked with the world’s top breathwork experts, such as Sondra Ray and Leonard Orr. She lives between Athens and London as well as travelling far and wide for workshops. Here she tells us about her own path and about the process and value of breathwork from her perspective.

How long have you been a Rebirther?
Since 2005 but I was into yoga and breathing way before that! I was fortunate enough to have a great yoga trainer who integrated the value of breathing into our sessions with fantastic results. I’ve been deeply in love with breathing since the late 90’s!

How did it all begin for you?
In 2005 a Rebirther came to Mykonos (where I lived) and I received my first rebirthing session. It was such a profound experience even from day one! I decided I really wanted to learn it and I’ve never looked back. Training to become a facilitator was truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, both from a personal development and professional perspective.

“As Leonard Orr (the founder of Rebirthing) says, the breath is not dangerous but the mind is! The mind and its resistance is what causes fear.”

What can rebirthing offer us?
So much! Firstly, it’s a simple breathing technique to use whenever they need to see things from a different perspective, but it’s also way beyond that! Rebirthing is deeply healing. It’s a way of living; an incredible tool that accentuates life and brings presence and familiarity with ones senses! It works on so many different levels it’s impossible to answer this in so few words…

What types of people does it work best for?
Anyone with a belly button can benefit from learning to breathe in the way that they did before their breath became impeded by life and it’s stresses…

What’s the rebirthing process?
It’s best to commit to 10 sessions for a true and profound benefit. The true nature of sessions is for the client to learn to breathe properly and improve or elevate their thought process so that they can manifest different results in their life… It is an ongoing learning experience. A session lasts two to three hours and includes some talking, breathing and then sharing, whereby the client is given some affirmations or exercises to work with until their next session.

Can it be scary, or dangerous?
As Leonard Orr (the founder of Rebirthing) says, the breath is not dangerous – but the mind is. The mind and its resistance is what can paralyze us with fear. And as we know, fear is just a negative use of one’s imagination…. Or, as I love to refer to it, fear is just excitement without the breath! So sometimes people are afraid before or during sessions because of what they THINK might happen… this usually passes quickly though and they are always left with a feeling of relief, bliss and peace…

Rebirthing workshop in Samothraki island

Can Rebirthing be combined with other therapies?
Yes, but then it is not rebirthing! Rebirthing is designed to empower people by learning to use their own breath to heal themselves. When someone adds something to it – which is done by the facilitator to the client – it is no longer empowering in the sense that someone else has to DO something to heal you.

What is your NUMBER 1 PRIORITY when you are offering a session?
To support the client through their process in Truth, Simplicity and Love.

How has it changed your life?
In so many ways! Most importantly, it’s given me the power to be the master of my mind instead of its victim.

Rebirthing seminar with Katia

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