Best Innovative, Sustainable & Sexy Greek Cosmetics to Buy this Winter

On the cold and dark days of winter, it’s always comforting to pamper ourselves with things that feel, smell and taste good, lift the spirit and nourish the body. We’ve selected three leading Greek beauty brands that stand out for the exceptional quality of their ingredients and have a pioneering approach to wellness: Apeiranthos, Kear, and Aeolis. Each brand, in its own way, is inspired by Greek nature and holistic wellness rituals, even those rooted back to antiquity. They each honor “green” beauty principles, using natural and organic ingredients that have been handpicked during years of research, and follow sustainable and ethical practices. Here we pick some of their best products for a feel-good winter self-care routine.

Apeiranthos Natural Skincare

Apeiranthos is Greece’s up-to-date answer to beauty and holistic well-being. From packaging made from only recyclable and biodegradable materials (they boast of producing the first compostable deodorant stick) to creating “genderless” products that suit all skin types, their range is exceptionally varied. Our favorite Apeiranthos products for winter are:


Developed to deeply nourish the skin while boosting collagen production, this oil contains vitamin C and is said to tighten the skin while also having anti-inflammatory properties. It has a pronounced fennel smell and contains lemongrass and cypress essential oils.


This lip balm, which comes in a little pot, smooths and softens the lips and prevents them from cracking while adding a stain in either red or pink. It has a lightweight yet creamy texture and an addictively delicious smell, given by ingredients such as organic coconut oil, mango butter, castor oil, and mint.


Also in a little pot that’s easy to carry around, this lightweight, shiny and moisturizing lip and cheek tint keeps lips soft and shiny and can also be used to add a natural glow to cheekbones – or anywhere else you choose to apply it.


This eye gel comes in a handy roll-on stick and is made with ingredients that moisturize and illuminate the under-eye area. It contains antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes essential for cell growth and countering puffiness while reducing fine lines.

Apeirinthos’ founder, Stella Pliaki says:

“I used to spend my summers in Halkidiki, surrounded by trees, plants, and all the sounds and smells of nature. As a child, I often collected flower petals and tree leaves to make toners and perfumes with my great-grandmother, a well-known practitioner back then. Apeiranthos believes in the power of nature; we make and package our products for the earth and all living creatures. Our formulas are original, created, and tested by us, on real people, never animals. In addition to delivering results you can see and feel, they are pleasurable to use.”


Kear describes its products as “ancient Greek skincare reborn,” and to design the range, its founder carried out ample research on the skincare ingredients and rituals used in Greek antiquity. The products aim to be “natural remedies” made with pure and organic Greek ingredients. Our favorite Kear products for winter are:


This soothing body oil with an uplifting orange aroma is ideal after a hot shower or bath to further alleviate muscular tension and aches and induce relaxation. It’s made with skin-nourishing olive and sweet almond oils, beeswax, and a high consistency of soothing arnica extract.


Another feel-good body oil that can promote body-mind relief on cold winter days, this oil offers instant deep moisture while boosting the skin’s ability to retain hydration. Designed to soothe irritated and damaged skin, it contains seven active natural ingredients, including chamomile and rosemary, and has a gentle, pacifying fragrance.


Made with beeswax, calendula, olive oil, and sea buckthorn berry, these richly moisturizing lip balms (in cinnamon, apricot, or mandarin) protect and soothe dry, chapped, and sensitive lips.


Described by its makers as a “one-pot miracle” with anti-aging properties, it was designed to help smooth fine lines and increase skin elasticity and plumpness while boosting brightness and tightness. It contains beeswax, calendula, propolis, olive oil, sea buckthorn berry, and red grape seed oil.

Kear Founder Ypatia Mitsatsou says:

“After running an environmental education program for schoolchildren, I realized just how much the new generation cares about creating a better environment. This and my love of Greece’s history and nature shaped the idea for a sustainable beauty brand inspired by ancient wisdom with modern characteristics. Kear means “heart” in ancient Greek, and we have poured our heart and soul into this project, passionately researching historical materials to create our formulas and traveling around Greece to source the best ingredients. Our aim is to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced daily personal care routine with all-natural, eco-friendly, non-invasive, functional, all-skin, and all-gender products.”


With olive oil as their star ingredient, Aeolis boast of having “local plant knowledge and more than 30 years of scientific lab-based expertise” in creating natural “remedies” in the form of shower gels, face, body and hand creams, face mists, and oils. They favor organic and high-quality natural ingredients and avoid harmful additives. Our favorite Aeolis products for winter are:


Keeping feet tightly under wraps during winter means they often end up uncared for, so a cream designed especially for tackling dry or cracked skin is essential. This cream contains panthenol, shea butter, organic aloe vera, and glycerin, which help regenerate the skin, as well as olive oil and salicylic acid, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and urea, which accelerates the skin’s cell renewal process.


This reviving, sweet-smelling floral mist instantly refreshes and soothes the skin and is ideal for carrying in your handbag or placing on your work desk as a pick-me-up. It contains olive leaves, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C derivatives, and plant glycerin, while the fresh neroli fragrance is said to help alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety.


 The warming and elevating smell of orange and skin-replenishing ingredients such as sea buckthorn, green tea, crocus, sage, olive leaves, and aloe vera help you emerge from wintertime showers feeling bright, pampered, and relaxed.


Offering a practical and enjoyable solution for people who spend a lot of time on the road, these hydrating, anti-wrinkle cream sachets provide a lightweight solution for keeping the skin smooth, healthy, and protected from cold winds.

Aeolis’ Founder, Kostas Kritsotakis says:

“I wanted to build a brand based on organic Greek plant extracts with natural aromas derived from the endemic flora and to create a line of premium products that embrace all the senses. Aeolis is inspired by the legacies and healing remedies of Greece and uses over 55 natural organic ingredients, with a core emphasis on olive tree extracts. Aeolis’ formulations are based on extensive knowledge and research of Greek flora, and we thoroughly analyze the beneficial properties of these ingredients, accelerating their potential benefits and avoiding anything harmful.”

This article was originally published in Greece Is.


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