4 excellent eco-logical greek stores

Eco-conscious shoppers in Athens now have plenty of top quality option when searching for the perfect accessories, jewellery, clothing, and home decor items. As with vegan-vegetarian restaurants and stores selling Greek and global natural, organic cosmetic products, more and more stores catering to the ethically-minded are sprouting up around the capital. Here we showcase our top choices!

Convert Art (24-26 Pallados, Psyrri)

Used tyres, used inner tubes and electronic materials are skilfully up-cycled to create super-stylish and original convertible bags, wallets, belts, and jewellery. Created in 2012 by designer Marina Griponisioti after she found inspiration from the disposable items she found in a garage, this is Greece’s first upcycling company, with a choice of over 400 designs. You can also check out Convert Art’s online store on Etsy.


Trash4Flash (9 Voulgaroktonou St, Nea Smirni)

Plastics, metals, rubber and other materials are upcycled to create necklaces, earrings, neck-wear, cufflinks, and bracelets that may not suit every taste but certainly present a singular style.

Plastikourgeio (Asklipiou 51, Exarcheia)

Both a shop and a mini-factory/lab, this store follows the eco-philosophy of the global Precious Plastics movement and sells alternatives to plastic as well as their own upcycled plastic creations. With a plastic shredder, 3D printer and other machines the owners have created themselves, as well as collaborations with creative Greek designers, they showcase some exciting eco-options in jewellery, home decor, and accessories. Here you’ll also find bamboo dining sets, stainless steel straws, handmade lunch-bags and other trendy utilitarian items that don’t need to be dumped after use.

Living Green (Harilaou Trikoupi 53, Exarcheia)

In this innovative, brightly-lit and thoroughly-stacked store you’ll find everything from home decor items to children’s construction toys and other games, sophisticated gardening equipment like a rollable compost basket and sprouting jars, cosmetics, jewellery, lunch bags, office accessories, and hobby items. The store has a chain in the northern suburb of Kifissia as well as an online store.



juicy livin’ – top 5 hotspots now

The world is crazy about health juice bars, and Athens has joined in on quenching its thirsty curiosity by relishing the specialized bars selling liquid concoctions made out of fruit, vegetables, roots, herbs and adaptogen superpowders. In Athens you can find at least 3-4 such places in every central neighborhood, like Acropolis, Syntagma and Monastiraki. Fresh juice’s universal appeal is simple: it’s a healthy, easy way to quickly flood your organism with a ton of vitamins, minerals and other body-mind boosting nutrients in one go, it can be a meal in itself, it is said to help ease or prevent particular ailments – from lowering cholesterol or bombarding a killer hangover with good stuff to easing respiratory congestion or digestive dramas…and very importantly, it’s an affordable daily commodity.

To Vazaki
Aristotelous 33, Halandri, tel (+30) 210 6800067)
To Vazaki is eco-conscious (they serve juices in recycled jars that they encourage clients to return, their deliveries are by bicycle only and they offer discounts to cyclists), health conscious, using only organic products and boasting the use of a Norwalk juicer, (which they say is the first in Greece and which produces cold-pressed juices, retaining many more nutrients), and holistically active, offering meditation, yogaand other seminars in their space. It also serves salads, soups, sandwhiches and light desserts.

(Vyronos 6 & Vakchou, Plaka, tel: (+30) 2114017427)
Although all the juice bars mentioned here make juices that benefit different health conditions, Novegea is singular in that it’s menu is written out like a list of medical perscriptions: ‘Smoker’s drink’, ‘diabetic’s drink’ and ‘nervous system tonic’ are but a few of their specialized potions. They also stand out from the rest with their ‘Dakos drink’, a liquid Cretan salad with Dakos rusk, feta and anthotyro cheese, tomato, throumba olives, pepper and capers. The juice bar is a whole production where you wait, jar in hand, as the juice made behind the counter pours out of a funnel on your side. Now also open in Varkiza’s coast (number 166). Now also serving a good choice of healthy snacks.

(Pandrosou 64, Monastiraki Sq, tel: (+30) 21 0325 4186)
There’s nothing cutting edge or trendy about Hymopeio, as its uncreative name suggests, but amongst establishments vying to outdo each other by proving how hip and clever they are, that’s an endearing quality. With a grocery-store style look and giant blackboards listing their drinks of the day, this place serves freshly squuezed juices, smoothies and seasonal soups bang in the tourist heart of Athens, all made with seasonal, local products that satiate a foreign as well as a growing Greek clientele.

(Athanasiou Diakou 6 & Porinou, Acropolis, tel: (+30) 21 0922 2234)
First dinky but good Frutteria (18 Frinihou St) juice bar graced the refined tourist area of Acropolis, and now Froots (with the motto “back to the roots & fruits”, a large, sunlit cafe with a pretty little garden, attracts all kinds of health conscious folks with a plethora of invigorating juices, smoothies and shots like wheatgrass or lemon-ginger-cayenne, made from organic produce and including superfood ingredients. They also serve vitamin water, homemade raw snacks made with fruit pulp and soups. Clientele includes tired tourists, stressed business people and athletes who each get their special liquid perscription by staff.

Pure Juice Bar
(Sina 21, Kolonaki, tel: (+30) 2130363671)15027816_1797826783819076_5193462766643596093_n
In a minimal, post-industrial-style space, owners Thanos & Dimitris, influenced from their years in London & Montreal created a menu centered on antioxidant, detox and superfood juices and smoothies made with high quality ingredients, including adaptogens. They also serve raw energy snacks and desserts such as Acai bowl and, once you’re inspired by their healthy vibes, you can shop at their mini grocery store selling organic produce.