The Age of Self-Promotion

Painters. Writers. Singers. Yoga Teachers. Life Coaches. Philosophers. Sober Mothers. Charismatic Children. Doctors. Teachers. Matchmakers. Psychics. And Many, Many More people with charisma, skill, expertise, knowledge, experience… basically, who have something to Offer to the World. They don’t Need to be Fantastic, but what they Are, Matters. But is all they are #Enough? Not really,… Read More The Age of Self-Promotion

the stoic anxiety cure

Democracy, medicine, philosophy, science, technology, athleticism, gastronomy, art… all these are constructs that people today still strongly connect to ancient Greek culture, where many of these concepts and practices were born and developed in highly sophisticated ways. However, we don’t often relate ancient Greek philosophy with modern psychology; and many of us are not aware… Read More the stoic anxiety cure