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Alexia Amvrazi is a passionate wellness & lifestyle writer based in Athens, Greece.


I’m Very Well Thank You is an affirmation that you will write out or read every time you visit this site. By focusing on any affirmation it starts to become our truth.

Greece is constantly blossoming into a wellness paradise, and I want to share that with you. And this is only the beginning!

This is a website to celebrate the art and science of wellness, from a vibrant holistic perspective full of practical options for anyone visiting or living in Greece. From yoga and raw food to wine tasting and luxurious spas, whatever makes you feel good and is good for you, belongs in here, and my heartfelt goal is to bring you the best information possible. If you are travelling here and looking for a specific therapist, course, retreat, restaurant or travel experience, you can rely on the well-researched, knowledge-based information you read here!

A little about me… Ever since childhood I have been passionate about healing and holistic wellness. Since I could speak, I’ve used the phrase “we are all human after all!” To me every human is exactly the same in essence – we all have immeasurable power and beauty and are capable of incredible feats – similarly we are all base, ugly and faulty in our own ways! That perception only grew when I became a journalist and started meeting a huge host of people, and especially when I produced & presented a live interview show on the radio (AIR FM, run by the Athens Municipality) where I had the pleasure of hosting globally renown personalities from all fields to the studio.
As a writer I have enjoyed travelling throughout much of Greece, reporting for global media like Wall Street Journal Europe, BBC, RAI, Al Jazeera International and Fodor’s, as well as websites like, Greece Is, Travel Gems, Greek City Times, Odyssey and Tripelina. The combo of my journalism work + a passion for travel has also taken be to faraway lands like Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia and various European nations, where I always made time to also explore the holistic and healing local scene.

Personally I have always loved the arts (music composition & singing, poetry and storytelling, cooking, audio-visual projects and creative voice work) and healing practices, and when it comes to wellness practices I have always loved the adventure of  trying out every kind of therapy and workshop, meeting and trying to better understand the people teaching and practicing these and to see what feels real, meaningful and rewarding to me. 

This website is fuelled by my heartfelt vision, dedication and optimism, both because of my inherent passion for wellness and what it can offer every single person and because it is a guaranteed win-win situation for everyone- for me as a website owner and you as a reader looking for exciting wellbeing-related content for your travels in Greece or a company interested in sharing your wellness-related product, workshop, retreat, spa or centre.

Alexia Amvrazi