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I’m Very Well Thank You is an affirmation that you will write out or read every time you visit this site. By focusing on any affirmation it starts to become our truth.

I am infatuated by the world of holistic wellness & have been researching, studying, learning & writing about it for 20+ years! I live in Greece and am an expert writer (travel, gastronomy, people & therapies are my main focus), copywriter and broadcaster.

If you are travelling to Greece and looking for a specific therapist, course, retreat, restaurant or travel experience, you can rely on the well-researched, knowledge-based information you read here!

With 20+ years of first-person professional experience in the Greek & global wellness world, I review all kinds of products & experiences from all over the world and my reviews are based on 20+ years of experience. I am passionate about Complimentary Therapies, Alternative Medicine, Healthfoods, Wellness Accessories & Gadgets. Anything that can truly make a positive difference in our lives!

In this site I review restaurants, products, therapies, places and more in Greece but also around the world. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED! Let’s connect! 🙂 Write to me at:!

This is a website celebrating the art and science of wellness, from a vibrant holistic perspective full of practical options. From yoga and raw food to wine tasting and luxurious spas, whatever makes you feel good and is good for you, belongs in here, and my heartfelt goal is to bring you the best information possible.

55939782_10157111794833134_6161074480954212352_oA little about me… Ever since childhood I have been passionate about healing and holistic wellness. Since I could speak, I’ve used the phrase “we are all human after all!” 

The combo of my journalism work + a passion for travel has also taken be to faraway lands like Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia and various European nations, where I always made time to also explore the holistic and healing local scene.

Personally I have always loved the arts (music composition & singing, poetry and storytelling, cooking, audio-visual projects and creative voice work) and healing practices, and when it comes to wellness practices I have always loved the adventure of  trying out every kind of therapy and workshop, meeting and trying to better understand the people teaching and practicing these and to see what feels real, meaningful and rewarding to me.

I’m also a qualified Reiki Master and have studied some Shamanic healing practices, Thai foot massage, reflexology, rebirthing, sound healing, energy nutrition & aromatherapy.

Alexia Amvrazi