Relaxation Treat: Cocoon Urban Spa

Whether you’re in Athens for a day or forever, it’s great to know there’s a place such as Cocoon Urban Spa where you can receive top-quality therapies for face and body, either as a one-off treat or as a course of treatments that bring results.  As someone who has been passionately interested in holistic wellness… Read More Relaxation Treat: Cocoon Urban Spa

ancient greek massage

“Therapy”: From Greek therapeia ‘healing’, from therapeuein ‘minister to, treat medically’. Ancient Greek Massage is a therapeutic approach developed by physiotherapist and alternative therapist Elly Tsouknaki, who says “I suddenly realized, after years of practicing massage therapies such as Thai, Balinese, Swedish and other techniques from around the world, that there was no massage style… Read More ancient greek massage