Best Innovative, Sustainable & Sexy Greek Cosmetics to Buy this Winter

“I used to spend my summers in Halkidiki, surrounded by trees, plants, and all the sounds and smells of nature. As a child, I often collected flower petals and tree leaves to make toners and perfumes with my great-grandmother, a well-known practitioner back then.”… Read More Best Innovative, Sustainable & Sexy Greek Cosmetics to Buy this Winter

The 20 Minute Biohacking Ritual that Got Me Through Lockdown

What’s 20 minutes within a 24 hour day? Nothing and everything. Starting before lockdown but sticking to it religiously during, I created a wellness ritual that combined two wonderful inventions: Joovv red light therapy and the Shakti mat. I lay on the mat with bare skin, getting the best of its benefits such as increased… Read More The 20 Minute Biohacking Ritual that Got Me Through Lockdown

The Age of Self-Promotion

Painters. Writers. Singers. Yoga Teachers. Life Coaches. Philosophers. Sober Mothers. Charismatic Children. Doctors. Teachers. Matchmakers. Psychics. And Many, Many More people with charisma, skill, expertise, knowledge, experience… basically, who have something to Offer to the World. They don’t Need to be Fantastic, but what they Are, Matters. But is all they are #Enough? Not really,… Read More The Age of Self-Promotion

DOS Cosmetics: A Glowing Example of Cosmetics Innovation

In only two years since they set up DOS Cosmetics, Chrysanthi and Vasiliki put their heads together to create a line of top-quality cosmetic products. Stylish and hip, modern and minimal, their line has already received several awards and many accolades. They grow their own organic ingredients, mostly indigenous herbs, flowers and plants and combine… Read More DOS Cosmetics: A Glowing Example of Cosmetics Innovation

Eye Spy… Beautiful Lashes!

Nowadays there’s nothing more cringesome than a testimonial, and even worse, a testimonial telling you that the original testimonial is true. I’m a copywriter AND journalist by trade, so I should know. My super-sceptic uncle, a seasoned traveller, globally-awarded visionary and professor at Imperial College London once gave me a book titled ‘The Mad Old… Read More Eye Spy… Beautiful Lashes!

4 excellent eco-logical greek stores

Eco-conscious shoppers in Athens now have plenty of top quality option when searching for the perfect accessories, jewellery, clothing, and home decor items. As with vegan-vegetarian restaurants and stores selling Greek and global natural, organic cosmetic products, more and more stores catering to the ethically-minded are sprouting up around the capital. Here we showcase our… Read More 4 excellent eco-logical greek stores

the stoic anxiety cure

Democracy, medicine, philosophy, science, technology, athleticism, gastronomy, art… all these are constructs that people today still strongly connect to ancient Greek culture, where many of these concepts and practices were born and developed in highly sophisticated ways. However, we don’t often relate ancient Greek philosophy with modern psychology; and many of us are not aware… Read More the stoic anxiety cure