The Age of Self-Promotion

Painters. Writers. Singers. Yoga Teachers. Life Coaches. Philosophers. Sober Mothers. Charismatic Children. Doctors. Teachers. Matchmakers. Psychics. And Many, Many More people with charisma, skill, expertise, knowledge, experience… basically, who have something to Offer to the World. They don’t Need to be Fantastic, but what they Are, Matters.

But is all they are #Enough? Not really, according to the General standard! Because The World Doesn’t KNOW about them! Not unless they learn to Promote themselves on Social Media!!

Today, you’re expected to have the carefully developed ability to gather Your All into an ever-flowing basket of Wow, and then shine the fuck out of it with a bright, almost dazzlingly blinding digital light in order to Get Somewhere or Be Someone.

Just to Be Someone whose worth is Recognised.

Join the Be a STORYTELLER/
BS Your WAy To Fame CHALLENGE Now!

Getting Somewhere and Being Someone is a Desperate Act.

It involves:

a) Not feeling that what you Are & have to Offer is anywhere close to Enough.
b) Obsessively Questioning your Uniqueness and Individuality in the ugliest of ways as you find yourself afloat in a sea of Others Exactly Like You (or so you are eventually made to believe) who are seeking a way to Do Something and Be Someone with their Passion, Dreams and Abilities.
c) Realising through scientifically-staged, contemporary conditioning that you have to follow endless cycles of Disciplined (smiling & healthy-gut) Study, Conversations and Research into how Workshops, Coaching, Seminars, Networking and (cringe,) Challenges can Change Your Life FOR FREE (5 minute Freedom) for the better!!
d) Enrolling in said areas of ‘Betterment-Training’ in the desperate Hope of finally managing to pursue your Passion and Dreams with (double cheesy cringe,) ‘Success’.
e) Realising that after having followed such workshops (and I mean after-after, as in, after the initial high that makes you feel you’ve Got It! and Conquered the World of Doubt or Worthlessness… or Will Do, Very Soon) all you feel is Hopeless, Overwhelmed and Confused.
f) That you have Lost your Intial Verve and Pure Unadulterated Intent because suddenly Expressing Your Soul has become a Complexly Contrived procedure.
gee) Taking on Yet Another Job that Doesn’t Pay in Any Proper Way and has nothing to do with your true Essence. A job, that proves to be an additional part of a Mad Juggling Act you perform like the Cat in the Hat balancing on tip-toes on a ball, and is not one that suits you at all! It has nothing to do with What You Do, and What You Did Do no longer feels True.

La La La, Laaa! Here I Come! (Internal Inferno)

But This is our Reality today. One in which the inherent Perfection of what drives us to be Alive and what Gift we can Truly Offer often goes astray. One in which we are consistently told that we are enough, but actually, we are not, Unless. In which people care about us, but we have to Brand Ourselves like tortured cows and Learn Storytelling (no, not the one you’ve enjoyed all your life, with colours and sounds and shades and textures imbued by the stories you’ve gathered throughout your life, the Regular Paid Version!) in order to Engage in a horrible Lying Process so that you can Create a Community (no, your Actual Community means Nothing. Unless they like Sharing Your Posts). Basically, one in which everything that was once Sacred, Natural and Organic has now become Soulless, Formulaic and Forced.

And dontcha forget it! Bing!

And so, paradoxically we see streams of flaccid-hearted, excruciatingly vain and self-indulgent folks who never had any real Talent, Passion, Skill or Vision learning formulas in order to cash in And feel better about their empty lives, while people who have a vision but don’t know how to – or don’t Want To Know How To Sell it, lie on the curb staring at a patch of stars and wishing they could Return “Home”, as they are increasingly convinced (and very possibly actually are correct in being so) that they’re talking to an alien world where they would probably feel more Welcome and Alive.

From a painfully brilliant, satyrical series by Psychotherapist Johan Deckmann.

Surely, this Perversionof Purposefulness is just a Phase in Humanity‘s (I use the following word with hope rather than conviction) ‘Evolution’? Can we, as in those of us who realise and care about, the ludicrous direction our world has taken, look forward to ANY New Awareness that honours the Spirit of Creation and Doing on any level that’s significant Enough to not expect a website and several well-followed social media accounts to go with it?

You tell me. If you’re Good at Commenting. Or Storytelling.

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